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Shared Vison for Reading

At Street lane Primary School, it is our intent to provide our children with a high-quality education in English which enables them to successfully read and comprehend a wide range of texts. We want our pupils to develop a love of reading and to be able to understand more about the world in which they live through the knowledge they gain from texts.

Reading for Pleasure

This year, Street Lane has embarked on the Reading for Pleasure journey which is lead by the Open University.  Our aim is to build the passion and buzz ALL our children have for reading; we want all our children to be excited by the thought of reading whether it is exploring a  beautiful picture book to getting dropped into the world of a chapter book or to filling our minds with interesting facts.

'The term 'reading for pleasure' is often used interchangeably with the term 'reading for enjoyment'. Such reading can involve any kind of text - novel, magazine, comic, non-fiction - in electronic as well as in printed form. It can take place anywhere - at home, at school, in the community, on a bus (or any other form of transport), on a beach, in a park.'  (Cremin T, Mottram M, Collins F.M, Powell S and Safford K (2014) Building Communities of Engaged Readers Reading for Pleasure. Routledge)

As part of our journey, our focus pedagogy this year will be around informal book talk. In school, time is set aside to allow the children reading time, where they can also share their thoughts and make recommendations (book blether). The Reading Framework recognises the importance of allowing children time in school to read independently. However, this is also a chance for children to understand the pleasure of having these moments to read and to become truly lost in a book. 

'Whilst reading for pleasure is seen as a worthwhile activity in its own terms, it has also been associated, directly and indirectly, with reading attainment.' (Cremin T, Mottram M, Collins F.M, Powell S and Safford K (2014) Building Communities of Engaged Readers Reading for Pleasure. Routledge).

Teacher Book Promos (On the Latest News) 

Week 1: Can You Feel the Noise by Stewart Foster (Chapter 2 read by Miss Lewis) 

Week 2: Stranded: A Mostly True Story from Iceland (Mrs Barrow)   

The Library 

The library is open at lunchtimes from Wednesday to Friday. On a Thursday and a Friday an extra member of staff will be in there, with Miss Bevan, to read the children a book. 

Wednesday - Ducklings and Puffins

Thursday - Owls and Peacocks 

Friday - Anyone is welcome 

Useful Reading Websites

Recommended Reads

In order to help develop a love of reading, we would recommend using the ‘BookTrust Bookfinder’ search tool to find a range of quality texts that are age appropriate.

To view a variety of booklists with recommendations for a range of topics, we suggest visiting the ‘booksfortopics’ site by clicking here.

Reading Events

World Book Day 2024

Puffin Class looked brilliant in their World Book Day costumes. They each shared a favourite book from home with a reading buddy in the class. We enjoyed a day of reading themed activities to share our love of reading!

The excellent costumes in Peacocks. 


Peacocks Class Sharing Book Recommendations


World Book Day 2023! 

The Puffin class loved finding different places to read outside! They also loved buddying up with the older children to read! 

Roald Dahl Day 2022

To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, children brought their favourite Roald Dahl books to share in the library. We also begun to read ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ during assemblies as well as in the garden at lunch time.


School Library

Our older children have begun leading library sessions at lunch times where children from any class can come and use the library to read their own book or listen to a story. 

Featured Authors

For World Book Day this year, each class looked at an author appropriate for their year group. As well as learning about the author as well as reading extracts from some of their books. Ducklings and Parrots looked at Ranjit Singh, Puffins learnt about Joanna Nadin, Owl Class studied Laurence Anholt and Peacocks focused on Malorie Blackman.



Buddy Reading

In the end of afternoon on World Book Day 2022, all the children buddied up with a child from another class to share and enjoy reading together.





Listening to stories in EYFS and KS1

Today we listened to a story about an adventure in a hot air balloon. The story was on the radio so we couldn’t see any pictures. We lay back and closed our eyes to help us create an image in our heads of what we were listening to. After the story we talked about the words we heard that described how the balloon moved and the things the passengers spotted during the journey.  We all really enjoyed it and it was very relaxing!


World Book Day 2021

Although we couldn’t all be together for World Book Day this year, we have loved seeing what you all got up to! It was great to see children learning in school and remotely getting in to character to celebrate World Book Day.